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Henna is one of the most important accessories of South Asian customs and weddings. These fragrant henna designs on a woman’s hands not only enhance the bridal look but will also bring intrigue to the bride and guests of the wedding.

Our Story

The soul of henna
Henna refers to the dye prepared from the henna plant and the art of temporary tattooing.

Henna art is traditionally used for special occasions like wedding, parties etc. it is also a form of Jewellery or body decoration, which has gained popularity among the masses for its beauty and non-permanence, with various modern takes on the ancient art form.

ROUHI HENNA believes that each one of you is unique, and we aim to fulfill your needs to make your special day even brighter and memorable. We love what we do, and we are fully committed to ensuring that you receive the best from us- no compromises on quality and always pouring our Soul into our craft.

Welcome to Rouhi Henna platform. We have started our initiative on 2018 as an artist. By the time we realized the importance of organic henna for skin. Our experimental R&D make it happen. We are successfully running our organic henna market from 2018 and planning something big for our customers.
Hiba Rifam
Founder, Owner

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